Lindsey started writing at a very young age and eventually came to realize her love for journalism and journalistic writing in high school. She received her bachelor's from Kennesaw State University and her master's in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and has had a lucrative career in technical writing and editing (mostly grants). In an attempt to move on from the technical writing scene, she is now pursuing her doctorate while teaching communications courses. 

Lindsey, above all, is a lover of music. She loves to listen to it, write it, and perform it. She has been singing her whole life, playing piano for 15 years, and strumming on the guitar for 12 years. To get through college, Lindsey sang and played professionally at various venues in the Atlanta area. She has a great appreciation and love for music and always enjoys getting to know other artists.

Aside from music, she also enjoys being outside, Pilates, hiking, dancing, cycling, painting, creative writing, reading, volunteering, and staying healthy. Her greatest joy is spending time with her family and her two cats and two dogs.